For something different at your event why not try
“The Fat Gringo”

Our Tex mex street food business is a fun way to impress your guests whatever the occasion.
We provide that great “Tex Mex” taste ensuring everything is cooked how you like it.
If you or your guests have any allergy or dietary requirements, please let us know.

Visit our dedicated website: www.thefatgringo.co.uk

Texan Menu

Texan Menu
• Texan Burger 
• Chicken Burger 
• Pulled Pork Burger 
• Grilled Chipotle Pork Ribs 
• Grilled Buffalo Wings 
• Southern Style Grilled Chicken
• Side dishes from £3.00

Priced From £9.50 per person per dish

Mexican Menu

Mexican Menu 
• Chicken Fajitas 
• Mexican Burger 
• Vegetarian Fajitas 
• Nachos with Chilli 
• Enchiladas 
• Burrito 
• Pepper stuffed with Veggie Chilli

 Priced From £9.50 Per person per dish